You Are Not Alone T-shirt - Designed by a Survivor at TCH

You Are Not Alone T-shirt  - Designed by a Survivor at TCH

This shirt was designed by one of the girls in our long-term therapeutic home. The net proceeds from the shirt will be placed in a savings account for the girl after she graduates from our program. 

This is her story:

Hi, I’m the designer of this shirt. I would like to say how much I enjoyed making something special and meaningful to sell. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. The reason I made this shirt is the story behind it. I was bullied for a long time in my life. I would be called “ugly” so much I believed it. But then I realized they are only doing this because it makes them feel better when they bring someone else down. I decided to no longer stand here and take it and not to show weakness. So I decided to stand tall and strong and not let it affect me. I tell myself I’m not what they say I am, I am who I am and don’t let anyone bring me down. I’m not saying you can’t be hurt by their words and to not show your feelings, but in a way I am telling them not to show the bully that it affects you. If you don’t show a reaction, show it didn’t affect you, the more likely it is that the bully may stop. If you see someone being bullied STAND UP. I also put  “you’re not alone” because you are not alone there are others who are bullied constantly in different forms and ways every single day and there’s people out there who can help you and people out there who care and need a friend. I also put “I am here for you” because there is someone out there who cares and is there for you. Put an end to it today.